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            Product name:Online UPS for Glassmaking/Ceramic Factory
            Model: ZDS1033L-ZDS60033L
            Brand: GOODEN

            GOODEN ZDS series is three phases input and three phases output dual inverter on-line intelligent type UPS. It adopts the microprocessor control technology (CPU) with higher electrical output features and numerous design innovation, which providing complete and reliable protecting solution for glassmaking factory and ceramic making factory.

            Detailed information

            The glass/ ceramic industry is the basic building materials industry, which is related to all aspects of the country and the people. With the rapid development of One Belt One Road Countries economic construction and the formation of an international market, the glass/ ceramic industry has also developed rapidly and expanded its business to the international market.

            Along with the high-end requirements of users, the production process of glass/ceramic have to present high reliability and high precision requirements to ensure continuous and efficient production. These high-end requirements also put forward high-quality power supply requirements for equipment related to production process. UPS uninterruptible power supply is one of the important electrical equipment.

            The problem of production process power environment: there are power hazards such as high power density, unstable power grid, large power disturbance, sudden power failure of mains power, planned power outage maintenance etc., and equipment used for production process control is not only expensive, but also having strict power supply requirements. Once the mains supply is interrupted or abnormal, those expensive equipment will be damaged, and the products produced will be defective or scrapped as well, even major safety accidents may occur.

            Products Description:

            Gooden 10KVA-600KVA Three Phases Online UPS has features as below

            1) Online double-conversion topology, 0ms transferring time,

            2) Wide input voltage and frequency range,

            3) Up to 6hrs backup time UPS solution,

            4) LCD displays, DSP control, RS232 interface, SNMP network management etc.

            5)  N+1/N+X Parallel Redundancy system

            You just need inform us the total load, maximum transient starting current/power capacity and backup time you need during power outage (minutes/hours) so that we can offer you the best solution with our competitive products.

            Contact Us:  

            • Office Address: No.543 Xinhua Road, Shanghai, P.R.China.
            • Factory Address: No. 556 Tianhuan Road, Jinshan Dist., Shanghai.
            • Contact Person: Serena Liu
            • Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp/Imo: (86)-139 1605 8495
            • Tel:+86-21-5230 3378
            • Fax:+86-21-62813010
            • E-mail:gooden@gudeng168.com
            • Post code:200000
            • After-sales Service: 400 820 5936/0086-139 1605 8495