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            ABOUT US

            The fruitful China International Industry Fair

            Date :2018-09-26

            The 20th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai was successfully closed at 23rd Sept. During the 5-day exhibition period, Shanghai Gooden Electric focuses on high-level, intelligent, environment-friendly products research and production all the time accordingly with China manufacture upgrading and self innovation guide. This exhibition attracted around 174 thousand professional people locally and overseas market. Over 300 new technologies and products are firstly shown by Chinese and overseas companies.

            In this exhibition, Gooden Electric shows industrial online UPS, high frequency online UPS, SBW-N series intelligent touching screen voltage stabilizer, isolation transformer etc to all valued clients from the whole world. The smart voltage stabilizers and online UPS are huge popular so that quotations and orders continued to get one by one.

            Professional, market-oriented, international, brand valued are already marks for Gooden Electric Company since 2001. Gooden services including professional comprehensive and cost-effective solution, quick response within 24hr, in-time goods tracking feedback, local market special supports etc. Sincerely hope to build long-term collaboration with worldwide friends. Looking forward to meet you in next China International Industrial Fair.